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Debt Relief For Small Businesses – How to Get Debt Relief For Small Businesses Online

Posted on May 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

The recession has been hard times for almost everybody. A large number of businesses and individuals are staring at the specter of bankruptcy. The slowdown of the economy has been very harsh. Yet everything is not lost. You can look for debt settlement that provides a ray of hope for you to get back on track.

If you are a small businessman in trouble you can look forward from help from ARC. It is a part of the stimulus package offered by the government. You must have heard of America’s Recovery Capitol. ARC has been specially passed to help small business in jeopardy. You can go in for a bank loan guaranteed by SBA called ARC loan.

In order to qualify you have to meet certain requirements. You need to have a business that is at least two years old. You should be able to prove your financial hardship. You can not use the loan to payoff a SBA loan made before Feb 17, 2009.

The positive side of the ARC loans is they are guaranteed by the SBA. In case of default the SBA will arrange to pay off your debt. However your credit score will take a hit. The other option available to you is to approach a debt settlement company. However you need to select the company with care. Ask the following questions.

First and foremost is has the company been rated. The rating organizations study the track record and investigate the performance of the companies. You can also check through the Better Business Bureau. You can check out the customer reviews and complaints, if any, against the company you intend to hire.

There are many scam companies and you need to guard from getting trapped. Never approach a debt settlement company directly. Go through a debt relief network to contact a genuine company.

Marketing Your Small Business Online

Posted on May 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

Many people run small businesses and are looking to sell things online, but they run into a few problems now and again you see? This is normal and to be expected as well. Recently I have found an interesting way to get free publicity and increase Internet Traffic to a website.

By using an online article submission site you can write informative articles about your line of expertise and put your name at the bottom for a byline and it works. I just truly wish such websites were available when I was fully engaged in my company back then; that is to say what a resource this is and so often some writers cannot see it; it works.

When choosing an online article submission website pick one which is reputable. Recently a small businessperson who is an Interior Designer wrote some articles and had massive publicity from it. She had posted her results on a Blog and her name is Jeanette Joy Fishers and just look at some of here great publicity:

I mean wow indeed she has totally maximized the online article submission websites to her advantage. You could do the same thing too, if you can write informative articles and put them online. Perhaps you should consider this in 2006.


Marketing Small Business Online – 7 Ways To Bring People To Your Small Business Website

Posted on May 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

Do you need traffic to your website or blog?

As a small business owner, I am sure you have quickly found out that you need more than just a website. So how do you get traffic to your site?

Of course the ultimate way to generate a ton of free traffic is using keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) for your site.

But for now I’m only going to talk about those strategies that can be done by just about anyone, without having to know any SEO.

Fast Traffic Number # 1– Pay Per Click Ads. Google, Facebook and other online search engines and social networks offer what is called pay per click ads. If you been to any search engine, you will have noticed all those small classified ads that on the immediate right side.

These are pay per click ads. They are called that because each time that someone clicks on a link in the ad, the advertiser pays a preset fee (anywhere from a just few cents per click to double-digits!)

Fast Traffic Number #2 – The next fastest way to drive traffic to your site is with the use of online press releases. While not as expensive as a per click ad campaign, a long run of online press releases can become expensive over time.

Fast Traffic Number # 3 – Next on the list is the participating inside online communities or forums. If you are small business person who enjoys helping others, forum marketing is a great way for you to build your personal reputation as well as get instant clicks backs to your site.

Fast Traffic Number # 4– Another fast method is by writing articles. Article syndication or article marketing allows you to distribute your content throughout the Internet and have it made available for years to come. I personally still get a few clicks from an article that I published online over 5 years ago.

Fast Traffic Number # 5– Viral marketing is a great way to use the power of the freebie to syndicate your content throughout the Internet. We all have received e-mails with links to freebie videos, cute jokes, charming audio files or free reports.

Fast Traffic Number # 6– Another great way to get traffic is to exchange web links with other websites. Links exchanges are basically a new form of age old “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

As a local business owner this should be easy to accomplish. Say you run a restaurant, you could ask all the local business people on your street to exchange web links with you.

Fast Traffic Number # 7– And finally while considered the slowest method of traffic generation mailing email newsletters to your customers is a fantastic form of “traffic-on-demand”.

But this method is at the bottom of the list not because it doesn’t work but due to the fact you have to build a list-community first!

Something many small business owners never do. While building an e-mail list may take several months, it is worth the effort due to the responsiveness of your readers.