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Why the FTC Attacks Small Businesses Online

Posted on May 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

Are you an honest online company selling your wares and services through the World Wide Web? Well you are not alone, for over ten years it has been the fastest growing small business sector in our country did you know that? Do you know why? Well, because it is simple and cheap to get into and you can have instant customers.

Many small business men and women get started this way or at least once they get started use the Internet and their website to promote their businesses and inform people of what they have to offer or to add value for their customer with worthy information. Unfortunately it has drawn some attention from the FEDs. You see the Federal Trade Commission and other consumer groups have noticed a little over zealous hyping of products and services on the web and they know they cannot catch everyone who is misrepresenting themselves or using false advertising.

Even worse because there is some fraud and outlandish embellishments in marketing going on out there, it draws everyone who sells on the Internet into suspicion. The very worst of all are those who use the long sales letter approach on their websites. Some may not be crooks they maybe selling something totally worthy. In fact their products could be top notched. The problem is that so often they look trashy and salesy and questionable.

In fact so many people on the Internet are using this trashy salesy long sales letter technique with paragraphs alternating fonts, bolding of sentences, underlining and italics, with the occasional change in font size, spacing and colors that it makes every one online look bad. It is truly sickening Indeed as good intentioned as some of these folks maybe, they junk up the Internet and make fools of themselves.

I wish they would not do that. But it seems to work for them, so they take the easy way and sell, sell, sell, rather than take a more reality-based approach. Some say this is because they are looking for the sucker born every minute and they intend to find them and sell them something ASAP. You should review all your marketing material and try not to be so salesy, cheap looking and fraudulent. It is really annoying? Of course if you simply don’t care, you can be like all the others and junk up the Internet and call into question all the decent honest small businesses out there. Think on this in 2006.